To better pass the time for Sora’s memory recovery by namine, equaling a total of 365 days, the teams travel to Paris in the hero universe. Due to Sissi’s identity as Motor, the heroes take the time to see if the Dynamic Duo, Ladybug and Cat Noir, are really as heroic as the rumors say they are. But battling against evil villains wasn’t all they were getting. Even in paris, Heartless were roaming about with Pete and Hawk Moth in the reigns. Not only that, but they encounter Nobodies from the Organization, even a boy who looked just like Ven.

Pete teams up with the Mysterious Villain Hawkmoth, who desires the Miraculous, and sents Akumatized Villains with Heartless backup to crush Ladybug and Cat Noir. Ultimately, each part fails. But Hope and the others find out the identities of Axel’s accompaniments. Roxas, Sora’s Nobody, forming prior to when Sora lost his heart to free Kairi’s, and the mysterious Xion, a replica created from Roxas to wield a keyblade and harvest hearts from the Heartless. The plan is a success, and while seven villains are defeated over the course of the week, Xion was soon captured by Axel for some purpose. Heartbroken over the loss of their new friends, the group sucked it in as they headed out for a small town bathed in an eternal sunset, Twilight Town. After they left though, our heroic duo were soon approached by a small king with round ears, looking for help.