Eqg friendship games indigo zap by xebck-d98i1bn

This fiery and passionate teen girl was one of the chosen members to represent the Shadowbolts of Crystal Prep academy for the Friendship Games. After witnessing Rainbow nearly Getting killed on the track, she doubted what was happening and decided to help instead of take the win. She got scorn from her fellow Shadowbolts except for Lemon Zest and Volt. However, it was due to this that they followed Flux back to his ship where they discovered his real plans for the games. She and the others were immediately captured, but thanks to a disgruntled Gutsman, he broke them out and gave Indigo and Lemon strange orbs called Cross Armor. It clung to her like a second skin, giving her superhuman strength to cover for lack of actual ability.

She’s played major roles in both mental and fighting cases, using her Guts armor to get rid of most obstacles while also showing her smarts in helping Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton crack the cases of Labrithya. But it wasnt during Ouma’s plans that Indigo finally unlocked her armors second mode, Heatguts, combining Guts Man’s strength with that of Pyro’s heat. This also caused a change in personality as she got a fiery hot spirit that burned through Ouma’s evil plans once and for all. She’s proven time and again a powerful member on the team and someone Jexi can lean on for support.

She soon shed her Guts Armor and gained the ability to Burst with her Link, Incineroar. Doing this made her stronger and more resilient.