Jibanyan is a cat type Yokai among many of them from the Charming Tribe. He’s a basic brawler on the team with passion to kick butt and a strong appetite to Chocho bars. Hes welcomed on the team greatly. But its how he got there that is inspiring, mostly…

Jibanyan was once a cat named Rudy belonging to Amy. One day on the streets, a car ran him over. As he saw Amy’s last words, what he heard and told nate at the time was…

“I can’t believe you got hit by a truck. So lame.”

Though breaking to some, Jibanyan himself thought she had a reason to say it, and from then on kept to the same street, trying to beat the heck outta any cars and trucks that come his way...mostly ending up with him being sent flying through the sky, but this hasn’t gotten him down yet. But one day, he finally remembered what Amy actually said. It wasnt to him, it was herself. He had actually saved her from said truck and was blaming herself for letting him die like that. This gave Jibanyan more of a reason to keep fighting and make Amy smile again. In Lord Enma and the Five Tales, he finally go reunited with her...years into the future. After many failed attempts to get her promoted, Amy finally was able to see JIbanyan. After years of separation for what seemed like an eternity, the two were finally reunited and enjoyed their time together. Jibanyan was never happier.

In the Anime, the english dub and japanese subs both put Jibanyans native species meows into his sentences. The difference is in the english dub series, where he sometimes says nyow or Nyate with Nya being the main part of his speech. In the Japenise subs, ‘nya’ is basically everything about jibanyan’s speech. This is due to the fact that most cats in japan say nya.

In the games, Jibanyans Rank is D. His favorite food at first was fish but later changed to Chocobars. He’s normally the first Yo-kai to be made friends with. He has three fusion forms: Baddinyan, Thornyan and Buchinyan. In battle, Jibanyan is best in the middle between two other Yo-kai.