1200px-HWL Linkle Artwork

While Linkle may seem like an ordinary girl, looks can be decieving. Linkle used to live in a small village raising cucco’s. When the war began, she grabbed her crossbows and donned the clothes of a warrior as well as a compass. Due to her grandmother’s stories, she believed herself as the Legendary Hero with the compass as proof. She soon participated in the war with her cucco’s and a few people entering the world as her army. She was the one who dealt the final blow to the Black Rayquaza, turning the evil beast to stone with one arrow and regarded as a warrior and hero to the kingdoms.

Sometime later, Linkle wandered into the Steam Universe and met up with Cherions Harlem Gang, the Centaurs, And proclaimed she would protect them. And that she did, by defeating the evil general who tried to destroy Harlem. After which, she joined the team and became their warrior. While she uses her crossbows, she also can don a pair of boots that gives her furious kicks and lightning strikes. Her compass has summoning properties that are unknown to them and that they cannot fully understand.