One of the original founding heroes of the team. Luffy is a tenacious and very energetic Pirate who ate the cursed Gum-Gum Fruit. At the cost of never being able to swim, he gained Elastic abilities, but never have up to becoming king of the Pirates. Over time, he’s assembled a great crew and defeated many a strong pirate or marine. During his travels in the grand line, he and the crew were suddenly abducted and taken to the Realm of Exploration where they joined an Exploration team and fought to protect the world from Primal Dialga as well as Darkrai and the Dark Crew. From then on, his crew have gradually joined on adventures.

It wasn't until after Two Years of Training that Luffy began showing his value as a member. A notable achievement of this is defeating Mewtwo, the King of Illusio, even after he powered up with a strange new technique unknown to the group. With his Haki Mastery and more powerful abilities, Luffy is always ready to fight his way past any obstacle and claim his dream as king of the pirates.

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