Nana is a cheerful girl with cat like hair and a very unique outfit choice of thin pink clothing. She wears black boots with a pink and black open vest and a white band across her chest that is meant to cover it, even if its not really developed.

Nana has a cheerful nature coupled with a voracious appetite. Orphaned from young, she does not recall her past well. Her Odenpan (Oden bread) sandwich is a food she learned to make from her deceased mother who was also a God Eater. This made her join the Blood Special forces. In combat, she focuses on hammer type combat, carrying the extremely oversized Boost Hammer that she;s able to carry with almost little to no effort. It also has a God Arc for devouring Aragami and a Shotgun attachment for long range fighting.

A member of the Hope Squad during Hope’s recruitment campaign to get members before meeting back up with Jexi. She left after the battle with the Organization. But rejoined after the battle with Ouma. She serves as a powerhouse for the team, and a big eater for it.