The Final Member of the Yasoinaba Investigation Team. Naoto is a skilled Child Detective Prodigy with an IQ of 2000. She was sent in as a boy undercover to investigate the Shadow Outbreaks, but ended up trapped herself by her own shadow, as its inner feelings was only to be seen as an adult and not as a child. Naoto accepted this as it soon became her Persona. It was called Sukuna-Hikona, making Naoto the User of the Wheel of Fortune Arcana.

After the events in Inaba, she was taken by Valora along with the other. She and Kanji were trapped in a seedy bar by Prinplup. But they were freed when the thunder using members defeated Prinplup and freed the two.

Since then, she has been a go to detective as they started travelling across the worlds together. She even took part in the battle with Ouma with Peacock supporting her. She is an expert at gun combat and will do what she takes to defend her friends.