English: Noble of Darkness, Killnight
Kanji: 闇の貴公子 キルナイト
Kana: やみのきこうし キルナイト
Phonetic: Yami no Kikōshi Kirunaito
Size: 0
Type: Monster
Power: 2000
Critical: 1
Defense: 1000
World: Hero World
Attribute: Darkhero
Illust: 伊藤未生
Flavor Text:
It is such a waste that evil-doers are in such a beautiful night.
Ability / Effect:
When this card is put into your drop zone from hand, either put the top card of your deck in your gauge, or put a card from your opponent's gauge into his or her drop zone.
At the end of the battle of this card, if you have a 《Darkheroitem equipped, return this card to your hand.
Legal Status:
EN: Unlimited
JP: Unlimited