P4A Rise Render

Dont be fooled by Rise’s appearance, anyone with a degree of idol knowledge could see theres more to her than meets the eye. For in reality, RIse is the super popular pop sensation Risette. Although popular, the stress of the business gets to her, and she took her leave. And thats how she ended up in Inaba.

Rise took up a job at her family’s tofu shop, getting along with Yu well. But even a popular Idol sensation was a target for the dreaded Killer plaguing Inaba, and sent her to the Tv world. Her shadow wanted nothing more than to show off some skin to the entire world. But they put a stop to it with help from Teddie and saved Rise from herself.

She was a captive of the steel kingdom Valora and held prisoner in its mines by Dialga. After she and her friends were freed, they joined.

After leaving the Dimensional Heroes, she along with her friends were recruited by the Heroes Coalition and currently works as a Solo Hero but is a part of the Inaba Investigation Team.

Appearance Edit

Rise has long copper-colored hair tied in two pigtails, brown eyes and pale skin. Her normal outfit consists of an orange shirt with puffy sleeves above a white turtleneck shirt while she is seen wearing an orange top and white pants in summer. Before transferring to Yasogami High and while working at her grandmother's shop, Rise wears a white headscarf, a pink turtleneck shirt and a short navy blue skirt.

Personality Edit

Rise is cheerful, outspoken, naughty, cute and is quite boastful about herself, although very sweet deep down. She is referred to as a "dangerous girl" by Chie Satonaka, due to her boldness in flirting with the protagonist, and her teasing of Yosuke Hanamura and Kanji Tatsumi. Rise is quickly annoyed by the smallest things, which ends up with her crying dramatically, and sometimes producing crocodile tears. She's rather childish and possessive; she once pouted and told the protagonist he mustn't call another girl "cute." She has also shown her competitive side on many occasions, and she’s mocked Yukiko Amagi’s insecurity and her cooking.

Abilities Edit

Rise is a representation of the Lovers Arcana. Her persona, Himiko, while not much of a fighter, is more focused on Analytical and scanning abilities, pinpointing weaknesses and locating enemies. When it comes to support, she's all over it. She uses a microphone stand as a weapon.

Trivia Edit

  • It was later revealed by Yosuke that Yu and Rise are now dating.