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"Star Dragon World" (スタードラゴンWワールド Sutādoragon Wārudo) is one of the playable worlds in Future Card Buddyfight, introduced in Future Card Buddyfight Hundred. It is the future era of Dragon World. Cards from this world have a frame with a futuristic theme that simulates neon lights. Later it was changed to a frame that simulates rainbow colored crystals. This world is themed mainly around special dragons called Neodragons, and it is said to have an advanced civilization.


Star Dragon World revolves around increasing and maintaining the soul of their monsters, enabling them to build up strong offensive and defensive arsenals.

Neodragons, using the Crossnize keyword found on Dragonarms monsters, are able to increase their soul. Dragonarms have special abilities that activate when they are in the soul of Neodragons such as granting the Neodragon additional power and critical or giving them keywords such as Move or Penetrate. Neodragons tend to have Soulguard as well, culminating in a strong offensive and defensive package in one monster.

The Prism Dragons fortify their center positions, preventing the opponent from ever damaging them. They specialize in gaining life and keeping it at a high total. If they successfully prevent the opponent from damaging them or opening up their center, Prism Dragons can retaliate with powerful impacts that activate during the opponent's final phase.

Cosmo Dragoons abandon the soul theme and instead focus on controlling and rearranging their deck in order to successfully activate their abilities. Their aesthetic effectively makes them the "Dragon Knight" deck of the world.

Astrodragons instead focus on having certain monsters on certain positions, namely the center and left, allowing them to activate certain abilities. They introduce an ability known as Galaxy F, which requires you to have Astrodragon monsters on your center and left, along with an item equipped.


Star Dragon World is a future incarnation of Dragon World thousands or even millions of years into the future. Among the countless "Futures" of Dragon World, it is the strongest, most historic and prosperous of them all. Not merely just a form of its future, it establishes itself as "Star Dragon World".


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