Sunset Shimmer was once the poster bad girl of CHS. Originally from Equestria, she was reformed after the battle with Ultimate Flux when Jexi blasted him away. After Joining the team from the Friendship Games onward, she finally saw the way to help. From King Enma himself, Sunset gained a Yo-Kai watch after the events of Springdale. Dubbed the Yo-kai watch D, which allows her to use all medals, Normal, Classic, Z, Merican and Dream Medals. She sees the Yo-kai as her friends and family and has a great bond with all of them. This was what prompted Jibanyan, Komasan and USApyon to branch out from their lives in Springdale and join the team in order to help Sunset and everyone else. After going to Camp Everfree, she acquired a special Magical Ability that allowed her to hear people’s thoughts, see their past and perhaps see glimpses of the future.