A rookie Merican Yo-kai belonging to the Shady Tribe. USApyon is possibly the most unique of them, hailing as a astro rabbit and a sharpshooter with a ray blaster. He haunts the ultimate otaku Inaho Misora in his spare time to his consent, but where he originally was from makes all the difference to everyone that has met him.

USApyon was once the odd one out in a hutch of rabbits, being not a rabbit at all, but an otter. He saw the other rabbits get attention, leaving him by his lonesome a lot of the time. But during one Christmas night, he was found by a rocket scientist and dubbed Chibi. He was treated as a lab animal in order to train him to become a real space animal. But during the launch, he panicked and ended up blowing it up, which lead to his owners despair and him becoming a Yo-kai. He vowed to be able to make him proud again, never forgetting his words.

In the series, the japanese subs often make him end his sentences with “dani”, many people knowing not the reason why. Hes very Loyal and tries to act cool whenever he can. However, Piss him off, and he enters Vader Mode, a mode where the inside of his helmet turns black and had red eyes, firing his pistol all over the place in anger. He has a mode further than this, Emperor Mode. His suit turns pink with a cape and has pink eyes. He fires powerful shots in this form.

In the Yo-kai watch games, he is a B Rank Yo-kai of the Shady Tribe. His favorite food is donuts. In battle with other Yokai, its best to keep him back. If he receives enough damage, he enters Vader Mode to deal massive damage. He can be a good base for any Yo-kai team.