A student at Kadic and one of the Lyoko Warriors. While good at sports, his grades however are not so good. On Lyoko, he is a sword wielding warrior who runs at quick speeds. He works to stop the Virus XANA from leaking into the real world. The first time he ever experienced a real life fight was being made into a Pokémon and battling in the Realm of Exploration. When the war of the Underworld began, he was given a special bracelet that allowed him to use his Lyoko form outside of the virtual world.

He now is a warrior inside and out, and with his virtual skills, his twin blade style can decimate monsters and other foes alike. His only notable battle was with Garchomp in Lake Hyrule Temple. He has a crush on Yumi Ishiyama and is rivals with William and sword rivals with Zoro.