Ultimate Imposter

He is someone who cannot be proven exists and has no family to verify. To keep living in life, he became someone else. He is a master of impersonation. Three notable people this man has become is Byakuya Togami, the ultimate Affluent Progeny, Ryota Mitarai the Ultimate Animator and Hope the Victor himself. While the man is a bit on the heavy side, he has proven to still fool people, proving that impersonation isn’t all about looks. Hope fixed him after he was impersonating him in order to lure away Titanica. He now acts as Hope’s spy, impersonating grunts of criminal organizations in order to gain intel for him. As such, he’s usually away from the team.But then again, its what hes used to, and took the job as a spy. He usually reports to Hope as soon as he learns something of interest to the team even not minding going into dangerous situations.